Wednesday, September 15, 2010

But I looked so cute...

Inspired by my small but noticeable--to me anyway--weight loss, my plan to make myself a priority, and Lindsay Ferrier's (aka Surburban Turmoil, a blogger I stalk) article on always being the dressed-up mom , I got all dressed up for my daughters' first day of school.  My day-to-day "mom" uniform is rather uninspired: T-shirt and jeans or a skirt plus flip-flops.  Forget make-up or an actual hairstyle for myself, I'm happy if I can get all four of my daughters dressed and wearing matching shoes.  If their hair gets styled it's an added bonus.

But not this year, I decided.  We've moved to a new town, new school district--time to preview Julie 2.0.  After all, this is original Real Housewives territory!  And--if I can say so myself--I clean up pretty well.  So first day I was looking cute and put together in my wrap sweater, skirt and super-cute platform wedges. 

But then, half-way across the parking lot disaster struck: a rock on the sidewalk.  I now know, it only takes a single small pebble to buck one off her super-cute platform wedges.  And boy did I go down hard, managing to take out my youngest daughter with me.  Ouch! 

So, take a look around:  Yes, everyone is looking at me, no way to pretend it didn't happen (well, unless you're the dad walking behind me who actually stepped over me to go on his way...).  Also?  The blood running down my legs from my skinned knees are a total tell.  Double ouch!

But don't you worry, I got right back in the saddle today.  That's right: brown strappy wedges.

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