Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Shakin' it Like the Tin Man

That creaking and crackling coming from the back of the gym?  Yes, that would be me trying to get my hips to move.  Seriously, I don't physically know how to make my body do that! 

So yes, after several threats and false starts, I actually got my non-shimmying hips to Zumba.  Here's the thing about Zumba:  You can always tell who is going to Zumba based on their logo tank tops, cargo pants and arm loads of bangles.  Definitely not typical gym attire.  After the classes they gather in packs and practice their moves in the halls, hips shaking, long hair flipping.

So, part of my reluctance to go to Zumba was due to these women.  Would it be like crashing a high school cheer leading practice?  Would they be looking over their shoulders at me and wondering why I would even consider showing up?

But it wasn't like that at all.  Not that I'll be hanging out in the halls after class, but I was definitely part of it.  Well, not my hips...  but the rest of me was all in!

So the class just started off with a bang.  Music on, start shaking.  There are set routines that go with each song, so a majority of the class already knew the moves and could jump right in.  As far as instructor direction, the moves really weren't explained, you just tried to follow along as best as you could.  But a lot of the moves were fairly repetitive, so you could kind of figure it out after a few turns through.  Unfortunately, it seemed like as soon as I'd get a move it would be time for another!  And I'm not sure I'll ever figure out how to shake my booty like that--especially that whole front/back hip thrust.  I'm having trouble with that even in slow motion.

Despite the Zumba girls, the majority of the class was just normal gym ladies--some fat, some thin, some young, some old, some could clearly groove, others were trying just as hard as I.  There were even a few men.  After the first few minutes I didn't feel self-conscious at all.  Biggest bonuses: it really didn't feel like exercise, the time flew by...  and I burned over 500 calories! 

My one tip if you're thinking about trying Zumba: Don't pick a spot in the very back of the room.  If you're anything like me that will be your first inclination.  Instead try to get a spot where you can see the teacher.  I really couldn't see her at all for most of the class.  Luckily I was behind several of the Zumba ladies so I tried to copy them, but it would have been so much easier if I could have seen what the instructor was doing.

I will definitely be doing this again--I'm actually a little sad it doesn't fit into my schedule tomorrow.  But I might try another new class called Burn.  I think it's a cardio/interval training type class.   I also missed my C25K day today--after Zumba plus a full day at Disneyland, my legs were begging for a break.  But weigh in is tomorrow night, so hopefully all this moving will show up on the scale too!

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