Sunday, September 19, 2010

Ten pounds down!

It's official: I lost another 1.8 pounds to total 10 pounds down!  I spent the first seven weeks of summer putting on ten pounds and the last seven weeks taking it back off.   Now I'm ready to get down to some new pounds. 

I'm proud of my ten pounds, but I'm not entirely happy with the way I've done it.  Let's just say there has been some slippage back into those old habits.  Having one glass of wine every once in a while has turned into having a glass of wine every night, then another glass, finally ending up in me shoving handfuls of Goldfish crackers in my face. 

Also, if I'm being honest with myself I know I manipulated my weigh in.  I usually weigh in at night, this week I did it first thing in the morning.  Ostensibly this was due to conflicts with my husband's work schedule, but I was all too eager to change things around. 

So I've lost the ten pounds but, frankly, I'm lucky. 

This week there's a new plan: Stick to my food plan 100%.  No glass of wine.  No little splurges.  Certainly no more alcohol induced mindless binging!  Eat everything that's on my menu without substitutions or omissions. 

I signed up to do Jenny Craig, NOT "Julie Craig." 

After all, MY "diet plan" is why I just spent the last seven weeks losing those ten pounds I gained at the beginning of the summer.

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