Friday, October 22, 2010

Accepting Reality

I am probably not going to get the Halloween costumes done in time this year. 

Drama Queen's (AKA the eldest daughter's) costume is almost complete--I only need to glue on some more trim and make her magic wand and crown, but it there is no reason she won't be Glinda the Good Witch.

But that's it.  I've cut out The Professor's (my youngest daughter's) Snow White costume, but only the bodice is sewn together. Plus I stupidly cut out two left sides of the cape and no right.  And I don't have extra fabric so this means another trip to the fabric store.

Other than the bags of fabric, the other two costumes are not even on the radar at this point.

Here's the thing:  I could do this. 

But I'm not sure I'll actually be able to pull it off in a way that won't make me and my entire family completely insane.

Well, except for my husband, who's in Japan.  Until the day before Halloween.  Oh--and did I mention?--he's invited all his coworkers over for a party on Halloween night?

So I'm feeling super-stressed.  But good news is that I'm not eating it.  And I lost another pound this week!!

I'm planning to do my best and try to be forgiving of myself.  That's the hardest thing, isn't it?


BTW, even if I don't finish sewing costumes, the girls will still have the costumes of their choice--the "homemade" is my own vanity.  Despite it, I will buy, borrow, or barter if necessary.

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