Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Q: What does the dentist of the year get?

A:  A little plaque!

AHAHahaha...!?  Ha...?  No?

Oh well, turns out I could be dentist of the millennium with MY plaque, but at least I went to the dentist so that's another item off my list.  Finally.  After ten years...

Ugh!  Why?  I have always had "good" teeth, no cavities or other problems of any kind other than a baby tooth that refuses to fall out.  I've never had a tooth drilled, pulled, straightened or otherwise molested.  The extent of my dental care has consisted of x-rays and a cleaning.  Poor dentists, can't make any money from me!

Back to the question, why no dentist for ten years?  The only reason I can think of is that I don't like to make phone calls!  I mean, seriously, I put them off and put them off and put them off until pretty soon they are this big looming THING.  Then it's ten years later and I don't want to explain to a dentist why it's been ten years since my last visit, so I keep putting it off.  That's why there a lot of rather mundane items on my list--I procrastinate and build them up until they actually do become big chores.

So the good news is that I still have pretty healthy teeth.  Still no cavities, but lots of the aforementioned plaque.  Which apparently needs to be scraped out in a separate procedure called a deep root planing.  Sounds kind of scary, huh?  It sounds even scarier when my Russian dentist says it.  (Why does everything sound scarier with a Russian accent?)

Guess we'll see if I'm still a brave dental patient next week.

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