Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Fists of Fury?

I did it!  I tried a new class at my Y!

I've been regularly doing the Aqua Boot Camp class three to four days a week, and I really enjoy it.  It's a solid workout, plus you don't get all sweaty.  Now I know that if you were standing on the deck watching, you would see a bunch of old ladies bobbing around on their swim noodles, but the class is actually a pretty good--sometimes even strenuous--workout.  Yes, there are certainly those who come for the social aspects of class, but if you want a good workout you can easily ignore the gossipers (they tend to clump up in the corner) and get one.  In fact, last week several of the women brought their husbands along and they were all pretty red in the face (and surprised) by the end of the class! 

So, although I really do enjoy Aqua and like the way my body feels afterwards (especially my biceps and back) I wanted to mix it up with something new that would be more strenuous.  Under consideration: Zumba (requires hip shaking--might make fool of self), BodyPump (requires lots of equipment--might make fool of self) or BodyCombat (requires no equipment and no hip shaking--perfect!)  Plus, I spied on the class last week, saw lots of kicks and punches--I can do that!

So Monday morning found me in the gym ready to duke it out.  I not only survived, I had fun! As the name indicates, it's a kick boxing/martial arts inspired class (non contact) with lots of different different punching and kicking combinations.  The choreography wasn't too difficult to follow. Like all the Les Mills branded programs it follows a single routine for about three months before a new one is released.  Even if you're a complete klutz (raising hand here) you'd learn what's coming next pretty quickly and wouldn't find yourself facing the wrong direction like I did a couple of times.  Plus, it's possible to take down the intensity when needed by staying low instead of doing the "power" moves. 

This was the first time I've done a combat-style class and I really liked it.  There were no "dancy" (made up word alert) moves, so I didn't have to feel embarrassed by the sad state of my hip-swiveling abilities.  One combo, though, involved lots and lots of punching and elbow smashes towards an imaginary opponent who could only have been lying on the ground--way to kick a guy when he's down!  Take that!  When the combo was over, the teacher yells, "And don't get up!"  Even though I'm pretty sure my opponent would have escaped pretty unscathed, I'll admit I felt a twinge of liberal guilt.

Today I'm feeling the sort of ache in my arm, back and shoulder muscles that I thought only came from lifting actual weights--love it!  I'll definitely be back for more.  I think I'll need a name for my imaginary opponent, though.  Next time he's not getting off so easily!

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